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Yanch Dey and Associates are your Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Peterborough. As bankruptcy trustees we help people with insolvency issues with information and representation for:

We help people with financial issues and to get out of debt.

What’s a Consumer Proposal?

  • a government approved program
  • to pay creditors a reduced amount of the debt owed
  • on unsecured debt, credit cards ect,
  • over a 3-5 year period

In a consumer proposal, the proposal administrator makes an agreement with the unsecured creditors (e.g. credit card companies) to pay only a percentage of what is owed, over a 3 to 5 year period.

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The payment is based upon what you can afford to pay and creditor expectations.  The amount is negotiated for you by the insolvency trustee, acting as the consumer proposal administrator.

In a proposal, most people will save about 70% of the debt owed.  For example, if you owed $10,000 your debt could be dropped to $3,000 payable over 5 years. Without any fees or interest added!

Personal & Business Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy in Ontario is a legal process under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.

In bankruptcy, individuals and businesses facing debt problems and insolvency can obtain debt relief with the assistance of a bankruptcy trustee, now called a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Bankruptcy | Business & Personal Bankruptcy
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The bankrupt agrees to surrender non-exempt belongings to the trustee, in exchange for the elimination of their debts.

In exchange the court issues a “stay of proceedings“. Debts are forgiven, wage garnishments, legal actions are stopped and creditors are forbidden from calling or harassing the debtor.

Give us a call, we’ll be happy to review your issues with you, with no fee or obligation.

The Role of a Bankruptcy Trustee

The bankruptcy trustees job in Canada is to assist those with insolvency and debt issues get control of their finances.

Our bankruptcy trustees in Peterborough provide counseling, bankruptcy service and use debt management tools like consumer proposals. These financial tools have help thousands of people get control over their debts.

In Canada bankruptcy trustees and insolvency trustees avoid having to appear in court, unlike other countries where insolvency laws require a court appearance and the retaining of a lawyer.

The bankruptcy trustee is licensed by the Canadian Government to administer bankruptcies and consumer proposals, the use of a lawyer is not required or necessary.

Filing for bankruptcy is done through an Insolvency Trustee who administers the bankruptcy within the rules of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, including and money, property or assets held in trust.

Make that Call Today!

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Give us a call and lets have a conversation about your debt and how we can help you.

We offer a free opportunity to discuss your finances either over the phone or at our office.  There’s no obligation or cost to learn what your options are.

We’ve helped hundred of people in Peterborough just like you. Call us today at 705-876-1775.

Peterborough Bankruptcy Trustee Kelly Dey
Bankruptcy Trustee Kelly Dey
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Send Us an Email

Peterborough Consumer Proposal & Bankruptcy Trustees

As one of Peterborough’s oldest and most reputable firms for consumer proposals, personal bankruptcy and business bankruptcies we help people get out of debt and assist with financial issues.

We are conveniently located on Lansdowne Road just west of Monaghan Road, in Peterborough.

Charles Pepin
15:51 25 May 18
Hello Kelly, Thank you for taking the time to explain the differences between bankruptcy and a consumer proposal. You made me feel very comfortable and at ease knowing I can make this work, and turn around my financial future and I really appreciate that.
Leeza V
09:05 08 May 18
Thank you !! I feel like a new person. I can finally sleep again after years of stressing about bills. The Trustee and staff at Yanch, Dey could not have been more helpful or given me a better solution!
Lane Carter
22:42 16 Apr 18
We were referred to you by our banker who said we would not go wrong choosing your firm. You have been compassionate and helped us along the way. It has been a long time and we are looking forward to a new beginning.
walter clare
15:20 10 Apr 18
I work with individuals, couples and families dealing with addictions and recovery. Over the years I have referred, many clients to Yanch Dey in order that they might get their financial affairs in order. The people at Yanch Dey are genuinely warm and caring about the people they serve. I conduct follow up interviews with all my referral clients. Without exception they express their deepest appreciation for the way they were treated. They are especially pleased with the results from their having been able to restructure their financial affairs. I do not hesitate to give Yanch Dey my highest recommendation.
Debbie C
17:41 04 Apr 18
Excellent customer care. Meeting set up very quickly, negotiated with my creditors resulting in me paying almost 1/2 of what I owed, taking me quickly out of debt. Have recommended friends and family to them and would do so again.
Darlene Allen
12:06 04 Apr 18
Yanch& Dey Associates I was very pleased the way they handled the negotiations with my creditors. I ended up paying a fraction of what I owed on my debt and had it payed off less then I expected.A few of my family members were in the same situation as me and were so happy with their outcome I find they have very good negotiating skills.YOURS TRULY D.A.
Ron Henderson
14:31 30 Oct 15
I would definitely recommend James Yanch and his staff. They were very kind and professional when handling my bankruptcy. My wife and I met with a few trustees and were very happy to find this office. We appreciate all their help.
Susan lee
04:59 03 Dec 14
GREAT SERVICE! We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND your firm to anyone! Thank you Jim, Brenda and staff. We are now headed in a positive direction again. You helped us understand our options and get our lives back on track.Susan & Trevor
Heather Marie
01:14 28 Nov 13
Mr. Yanch - I want to thank you for helping my husband and myself through this difficult process. We recently recieved our discharge and already things are improving for us. You were referred to us by a family friend and now we know why. You and your staff provided the compassion and understanding that we needed. Many thanks, H & R
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